Welcome to Lore & Legend - telling stories the way they're meant to be told!


Lore and Legend combines the magic of myth, legend and folklore with the power of Traditional Storytelling and Audio Drama in one dynamic show. Drawing on world folklore and mythology, each new podcast series explores a new anthology of stories drawn from the world's myth cycles.


With regular stories from your hosts Rick Scott and Sebastian Odell, and guest tellers from the contemporary UK storytelling scene.


Rick is a carer, illustrator and storyteller working in Sheffield. He wrote his PhD thesis on the history of dreams in the 17th Century, and is passionate about creating art inspired by storytelling, myth and history.


Sebastian is a writer and teller of tales, indulging his strange imagination wherever and whenever he can. He lives in Sheffield because there are folk songs, stories and hills just around every corner.


Daisy is a Lecturer in English Literature at Wolverhampton University, and specializes in late medieval drama. 

     As a theatre practitioner and storyteller, her projects include performances of the Bayeux Tapestry; Broken Shells and Unruly Woman - a collection of medieval stories about women defying the restrictions placed on them by their class and gender.


Carmel is a storyteller: her lively stories include traditional folktales and stories from her own life. She co-runs The Story Forge, a storytelling club at the Fat Cat in Sheffield and she teaches storytelling to children and adults.  She also performs with Flying Teddy Bears.

        Yorkshire Folk Tales for Children is Carmel’s first book published by The History Press in 2018.


Tim Ralphs is a storyteller and active exponent of narrative in art. He also works as a public engagement consultant connecting academic researchers with non-specialists.
      His storytelling is rooted in the oral tradition: The craft of a speaker weaving language and gesture to entrance an audience and bring a tale to life.


Jason specialises in dark fairytales that blend dark magic and uplifting love themes. Jason’s stories are told in the oldest and best ways – as live storytelling performances for modern audiences.

          He has performed across the UK and mainland Europe, blending traditional and contemporary motifs, vocal sound effects and pure, unadulterated fantasy.


Sara Pearl is a writer and researcher in English Literature, Fiction, Theory of Narrative, Poetry, Theatre Directing, Screenwriting  and Psychology.

     She has been inspired by her father’s ghost stories, her mother’s family histories, and her maternal grandfather’s love of local folklore and folk tales.



 Graham is a performance storyteller and storytelling event organiser based in Birmingham in the West Midlands. With a unique flair for imagination and adventure, he brings storytelling to life through his work with schools, libraries and museums.

      Graham takes pride in training storytellers,  offering advice and guidance to those who look to give stories to others.


Simon Heywood completed a PhD on contemporary storytelling at Sheffield University’s National Centre for English Cultural Tradition in 2001 and has lectured in creative writing at Derby University since 1996.

     He has toured nationally and internationally in live and contemporary storytelling, and created original commissions for storytelling festivals.



Michael's musical mission is to create an entirely new musical genre of 'New Ancestral Music' - dedicated to reintroducing  recreated lyres, ancient musical modes and intonations, back into the modern musical world. His music is featured in season two, The Gates of Dream.



Robert is a composer, performer and researcher working with electroacoustic music. His works,  hybridise ambient, folk, dance, improvised and experimental music.  He composed Lore & Legend's theme music and much of the music for our first series  Strange Britannia.



Artists from this unique museum of reconstructed ancient Greek and world  instruments in Thessaloniki are recreating the music of the ancient lyre for modern audiences. Their music is featured in season two, The Gates of Dream.


Ellie is a music teacher, composer and environmental enthusiast living in Sheffield. She is at her most content when surrounded by forests, folk music and furry creatures. Her music is featured in The Curse of Pantannas and The Hart & The Hind.


Caleb is a composer from New Hampshire in the USA. He loves making Medieval and Ancient inspired music as well as soundtracks, orchestration and video game music. His music is featured in The Blue Rose and season two The Gates of Dream.