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"When you travel the length and breadth of our fair country you will see many strange and peculiar things: stones standing toward the sun, wells dug deep toward the earth; hollow hills and claw-marked caves. And they appear to be all but ruins of something forgotten and unexplained.

             But I say, that which shows itself a ruin shows it’s true self inside the mist; and the standing stones are towers and the hollow hills are palaces; the wells they are Great Lakes and the caves the mouths of wide roads that reach to the very bowels of the earth. There are great worm’s holes and giant’s beds, and there are other skies, ruled by powers apart from our sun and moon and stars..."


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Lore & Legend is a new podcast bringing you original performances and fresh interpretations of legendary tales inspired by the rich traditions of world folklore and mythology. Every new series explores a new anthology of stories drawn from the world's cycles of myth, legend and fable.

Each series will feature regular stories from your hosts Rick Scott and Sebastian Odell, with bonus episodes from guest tellers active in the contemporary UK storytelling scene.  Every podcast begins with a story; in the second half, Rick and Sebastian will discuss the lore behind the tale, the compelling nature of its narrative, and the creative process of adapting and performing it as a storyteller.  In our bonus episodes, you'll hear a tale (or tales) from our guests, followed by an interview with them about their work as a storyteller.

Our first series is 'Strange Britannia', exploring dark and lesser-known tales of the British otherworld. We'll hear about the hidden folk, the strange lands called variously the Fairy Kingdom, Elf Land or the Forbidden Country, and their mysterious rulers, the Elfin Kings, Queens and Knights. We'll also brush up against the grims, boggarts, bogles and 'witch bodies' that inhabit the shadowy seams between this world and theirs.

We've also got plenty lined up for the rest of the year, with special episodes for Halloween and Christmas.  We'll return for our second series with a cycle of Greek myths entitled 'The Gates of Dream'.

If all this sounds good to you, keep up to date with us by following us on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribing to the podcast on your service of choice. We're hosted by anchor, available through Spotify, Apple and YouTube. If you'd like to support us financially, you can do so by listening to us on the RadioPublic app; supporting us directly on Patreon; or donating to us via PayPal.

And yes, there will be dragons.


Stories interpreted and performed by Rick Scott and Sebastian Odell.
Guest performances by Timothy Ralphs, Sara Pearl, Simon Heywood and Carmel Page.
Sound editing, audio design and original illustrations by Rick Scott.
Lore & Legend Series Theme composed and performed by Robert Bentall.
Original incidental music and chords also by Robert Bentall.

Podcast hosting by Anchor. Video and audiogram creation using Headliner.

With special thanks to Ellie Burton, Sara Pearl, Lisa Billela, Christian Tuckell and Tim Ralphs for listening to previews and kindly offering their thoughts.



Incidental and background music tracks by Derek and Brandon Feichter on Bandcamp. Used with credit as per their Youtube Channel.

Additional incidental music, background ambience and sound effects by multiple authors sourced from See below for the full list of audio files and attribution credits:





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